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Our Mission statement

To bring hope & salvation to the lost through the Gospel of Jesus Christ 


Our vision 

To prepare the church to continue the teachings and works of our Lord Jesus Christ by investing time and resources to achieve a prosperous, thriving & healthy church. 

 We will leave a Legacy for generations to come... 

Our Code

1. Make Jesus Famous

It's about: Jesus is the center

2. Become Unstoppable

It's about: Being united in Love

3. We have Big Dreams

It's about: Active Faith

4. Everyone Matters

It's about: Valuing People

5. Irrational Generosity

It's about: Giving

6. Be the Solution

It's about: NOT being the problem

7. Sound Doctrine

It's about: It's all about the Word

8. Community Matters

It's about: Relationships

9. Judgement Free Zone

It's about: Love & Encouragment

10. Honor God & Others

It's about: We're in this together

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